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We must prepare our children to compete for the jobs of the future, and education is the foundation for their future success. House Democrats have consistently fought to maintain a strong public education system in the Commonwealth, and we will continue to do so. We must make sure our youngest, most vulnerable children have the opportunity to realize their full potential. Early childhood education, including pre-k and full-day kindergarten, ensures that all children, particularly those from low-income homes, are prepared to meet the challenges and rigors of school.

Our commitment to education does not stop at K-12 education. House Democrats support job training and continuing education programs for adults that provide the skills needed to compete for new well-paying jobs. We want our higher education system to be second to none.

We are committed to fully funding the needs of our public schools and oppose attempts to take money away from our students and teachers through budget maneuvers and formula gimmicks. With Virginia’s teachers earning nearly $5,350 less than the national average (Congressional Quarterly’s Education State Rankings 2010-2011), Democrats have led the charge to raise teacher pay and ensure funding takes into account the actual costs of education. 

Virginia's system for lifetime education, from early childhood through adulthood, is one of our most valuable assets. We are committed to preparing our children for the jobs of the future and equipping them with the knowledge and skills to compete in the new economy.

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